Recently saw this photo of Dree Hemingway from Vogue Italia and was immediately reminded of a photo of the infamous Isabella Blow (images of her are currently swimming in my head from all the recent publications controversy)... After comparing these images, I immediately recalled my fashion history and thought of Elsa Schiapiarelli's prolific work using the lobster as her muse. She has such an intriguing body of work, I may have to dedicate a post just to her in the near future.
                 -Hemingway in Vogue Italia-                                                         -the iconic Isabella Blow-
-this speaks for itself-

Schiapiarelli was a significant contributor and collaborator to the Surrealist movement and worked with Salvador Dali (who also used lobsters in his lobster telephone).
-Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, 1936-
-Lobster Telephone (aka Aphrodisiac Phone), Salvador Dali, 1936-
-Lobster Dress, Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1937-
-Lobster Dress, unknown designer-
-Tear Dress, Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1938-
-Skeleton Dress, Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1938-
-Gala (wife of Salvador Dali) in a Schiapiarelli hat-
-the women herself, Schiapiarelli, in her Paris Salon-