TIMEOUT for something a bit more serious today. While I use this blog to divulge in one of the loves of my life: fashion..... I am ALSO very passionate about issues of social justice and contributing (in any way that I can) to stories of redemption and LIFE.  So, I've signed myself up for a HALF MARATHON! Race day is on March 24th and the beneficiary charity is WORLD VISION; and specifically their efforts in providing CLEAN WATER to communities in AFRICA.

Feel free to visit my page here, to contribute or just learn more about the clean water efforts: HERE

The practical implications of having ONE deep water well in a community means 2,800 gallons of clean, fresh water every day. Children usually charged with the responsibility of walking long distances to fetch water for their families and community can now be healthier and use that time in the classroom.

One billion people do not have access to clean water.. ONE BILLION.

With the efforts of organizations like: World Vision, Charity Water, Water, CLEAN WATER, among countless others... we are closing the gap on that number and working towards a healthier world!

Take the time to educate yourself on this very important topic