Launch Party

This past Friday night was the official LAUNCH party for LULUGRACE VINTAGE (held at Union Hall in Brooklyn). Here are some photos from the evening. The first 20 guests received a free piece of jewelry from the lulugrace (version1.0) collection...Remember that all items are still up for sale at our STORE until Friday!
thanks to jon ho for all the photos!



Recently saw this photo of Dree Hemingway from Vogue Italia and was immediately reminded of a photo of the infamous Isabella Blow (images of her are currently swimming in my head from all the recent publications controversy)... After comparing these images, I immediately recalled my fashion history and thought of Elsa Schiapiarelli's prolific work using the lobster as her muse. She has such an intriguing body of work, I may have to dedicate a post just to her in the near future.
                 -Hemingway in Vogue Italia-                                                         -the iconic Isabella Blow-
-this speaks for itself-

Schiapiarelli was a significant contributor and collaborator to the Surrealist movement and worked with Salvador Dali (who also used lobsters in his lobster telephone).
-Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, 1936-
-Lobster Telephone (aka Aphrodisiac Phone), Salvador Dali, 1936-
-Lobster Dress, Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1937-
-Lobster Dress, unknown designer-
-Tear Dress, Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1938-
-Skeleton Dress, Elsa Schiapiarelli, 1938-
-Gala (wife of Salvador Dali) in a Schiapiarelli hat-
-the women herself, Schiapiarelli, in her Paris Salon-



So.... after a weekend of shooting, trekking up to Connecticut and some amazing work by my friend and photographer, Jenai...the lookbook is COMPLETE, UP and Running... Check out the Lulugrace Vintage website HERE to view the full book. Here are some of my favorites.
-Floral Drapey Cardigan available @ lulugracevintage.com-
-Tribal Tunic available @ lulugracevintage.com-
-Plaid Button Up Dress available @ lulugracevintage.com-
-Black Cocktail Dress available @ lulugracevintage.com-
-Rabbit Fur Coat available @ lulugracevintage.com-
-UNGARO shirt and Gray Wool Pencil Skirt available at lulugracevintage.com-
-Blue Silk Boyfriend Shirt available at lulugracevintage.com-
-Long Sleeve Silk Dress available at lulugracevintage.com-
-Black Cocktail Dress available at lulugracevintage.com-
-Left: OSCAR DE LA RENTA silk short sleeve shirt, Right: White Boyfriend Button Up Shirt available at lulugracevintage.com-

The online shop opens next Friday!! November 19th! Choose your favorite looks now and get ready to SHOP!!


Costume Institute 2011 + Alexander McQueen

So.... the announcement for the Spring Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been made and this year's gala and exhibition will be dedicated to the work of the late Alexander Lee McQueen.  Whether they had been planning on doing an exhibition solely dedicated to McQueen's work or whether his sudden passing was a catalyst for the presentation, is unknown. As McQueen's work is intensely theatrical and over the top not only in design but scale, it will be interesting to see how the curators will execute an effective exhibition on his body of work.  The exhibition will span McQueen's career beginning with his Senior Collection for Central Saint Martins from 1992 until his death in February 2010.  It will also feature garments from his time as head of Givenchy.  The exhibition will open on May 4th, with its annual Gala, known ("Party of the Year") taking place on Monday, May 2nd.  This year's exhibition is chaired by Francois-Henri Pinault of the Gucci Group and his wife, Salma Hayek and co-chairs for the event are Colin Firth, Stella McCartney and Anna Wintour.